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The all-in-one platform for conducting UX research in the form of user tests and in-depth interviews. With more than 25 000 testers in Europe, we recruit testers within your target audience.

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Platform for qualitative UX Research

Research has shown that more than 50% of all site visitors experience difficulties with using digital products. We can do better than that, can we not? 

Use our tool, tester database or research service to conduct qualitative UX research. Test concepts, websites and prototypes in no time.

  • Use our tool to conduct (un)moderated user tests and interviews
  • Tester database with over 25 000 testers across Europe
  • UX Research Service to conduct user studies on your behalf
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Conduct remote UX Research

Over 25 000 European testers in our database to conduct user studies with.

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Completely remote

Testers take part from home, which speeds up the recruitment process.

Save on costs

By conducting user tests and interviews remotely you save out on costs.

Fast turnaround times

Average turnaround time of 5 to 10 working days, which can be shortened on request.

Quality assurance

With our quality assurance we make sure to recruit the right type of testers.

Qualitative UX Research

All-in-one platform

Conduct user studies through our tool, tester database and/or reserarch services.


Conduct remote user tests and interviews through our platform.

Tester recruitment

We recruit testers within your target audience from our database.

Research Service

Let our UX Research Team help you with conducting user studies across Europe.

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