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User Sense

Conducting UX Research for your customers? 

Consider signing up to the User Sense Agency Network. It is free of charge but has loads of benefits tailored to design and online marketing agencies. 

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Available for agencies across Europe

We welcome all Europe-based design, marketing and research agencies. 

Streamline your research process

Smoothen recruitment and research processes with an agency account. 

Avail of bulk and loyalty discount

Make use of bulk and loyalty discounts available for agencies. 

Agency Network

Strategic partnership


Organising events


Dedicated point of contact

Have a dedicated poing of contact within User Sense. Reach out to us with any questions around research designs or recruitment processes. Simply give us a call, send us an e-mail or reach out to us via Microsoft Teams.

Unlimited amount of users within the agency

Invite an unlimited amount of users to your agency account. Provide access to customer accounts so that the results of previous tests can be seen. Delete users at any point in time. 

Get exclusive access to new releases and betas

Obtain exclusive access to new features on our platform. Provide feedback on our beta versions, so that we can tailor the final version to your needs. 

Work together on research proposals

Make use of our knowledge and expertise when creating a research proposal or when applying to tenders.  We are happy think along, check your proposal and to provide feedback when necessary. 

We can train and educate your colleagues

Looking to engage stakeholders within your agency? We are open to organising joint-events to train and educate colleagues within your agency. This can be done both on-site as well as remotely. 

Make use of our knowledge base

We have an extensive knowledge base that touches upon the most important topics when it comes to UX Research. 

Want to learn more about conducting UX Research?

Visit our knowledge base. 

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Whitelabel research reports

Our researchers can help with writing research reports and can do so whitelabel. Simply share a template in which the report can be written and our team takes care of the rest. 

Using our researchers to moderate sessions

In case you need an independent moderator to conduct interviews or user tests, you can make use of our research team to do so. 

Whitelabel and stand-alone version of platform

For those who conduct UX Research on a regular basis, we can provide a whitelabel solution and stand-alone version of our platform. In this way, all templates can be customized.  


We are happy to co-organize workshops with our partners. We can focus on explaining the benefits of UX Research, whilst your colleagues focus on showcasing how the results can be used to the benefit of the customer. 

Event presentations

We have exprience presenting at conferences and events with our partners. By signing up to the Agency Network, we can assist you during a presentation. 

Online masterclasses or webinars

We organize masterclasses and webinars for our customers. Oftentimes, we invite our partners to join in so that fresh insights and expertise can be shared with our customer base. 

Interested in organising events together?

Talk it over with someone from our team. 

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Bulk discount

By buying credits in bulk, agencies can avail of a discount. Our credits remain valid for one year and can be used for any type of customer. 

Loyalty discount

In addition to bulk discount, we also offer loyalty discount to our most loyal customers. In this way, you can benefit from multiple discounts at the same time. Please reach out to us to learn more about terms for the loyalty discount. 

Learn more about our discounts

Talk to our team. 

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Learn more about conducting UX Research

Learn more about the different types of research methods. Our researchers share more information on how to select the right method and shine a light on when to use each of the methods. 

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