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User Sense
Prototype- and navigation research

The rol of UX Research in the development process

On behalf of ONVZ - one of the Netherlands' top health insurers - we conducted prototype and navigation research to find out how the user experience could be improved. 

More than 50 respondents participated in this study. The insights from the prototype study led to concrete improvements, whereas the insights from the navigation study helped ONVZ set up the menu in a logical way.

Quick wins and optimisations identified

Through prototype testing and card sorts, improvements were discovered and implemented.

Menu content organized

Using card sorting, end users were asked to arrange the menu in a way that made sense to them.

User tests with multiple prototypes

The Figma prototypes were tested and validated with end-users in moderated user tests at an early stage.

About ONVZ

Research goals

Research methods


Insights and results

About ONVZ

ONVZ is a leading Dutch health insurer distinguished by its focus on quality, freedom of choice and personal service. With a history dating back to 1933, ONVZ has developed into a reliable partner in health insurance. 

Although the internet had not yet been invented in 1933, that does not mean ONVZ does not invest in developing digital solutions. Numerous talented marketers, designers and developers are working to make all healthcare-related matters easier.

Research objectives for the prototype study
  • Testing usability. How do users experience the prototype?
  • Identify bottlenecks. What do users encounter when using the prototype?
  • Input for improvements. What suggestions do users give to optimise the user experience?
Research objectives for the navigation study:
  • Understanding mental models and information architecture. Which pages do users expect to see together in the same group?
  • Validate design decisions. To what extent are the pre-designed names of menu items clear?
Prototype study through user testing

Moderated user testing was used to conduct the prototype study. In this, a moderator from User Sense went through the tasks together with the tester, asking in-depth questions while performing the tasks to gather additional information. An interview with the tester was conducted both before and after for additional context.

Navigation study through card sorting

To determine how the menu could be set up logically and intuitively, navigation research in the form of closed card sorting was used. Testers were shown different task descriptions, after which they were asked to classify them into the category in which the respondent expected to see the answer.


More than 50 participants recruited

User Sense's respondent database was used for recruitment. Here, 10 respondents participated in each prototype study, after which the navigation study was conducted among 30 respondents.

Mix between existing customers and non-customers

In order to include as many different perspectives as possible, a combination of existing customers and testers who fall within the target group, but are not yet customers, were selected to take part. 

Conducting the prototype and navigation study revealed concrete areas for improvement. Some of the results of this study include:

  • Insight into the degree of self-determination people wish to have in the 'My environment' for which optimisations have been made
  • The importance of using colour combinations and balancing them so that they are not perceived as 'too much'.
  • Understanding the mental models of end users resulting in a logical and intuitive menu structure

All in all, ONVZ concludes that conducting the study had a positive return on investment and that using User Sense's platform and panel resulted in a great efficiency gain.

Babette Savelkouls from ONVZ

"The tool makes doing user research very easy. The tester database is extensive and quickly provides a diverse pool of respondents, allowing us to get started quickly. User Sense's flexible attitude allowed us to do studies our way with refinements from their own expertise."

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