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Improved checkout by solving usability issues

On behalf of Protest Sportswear - a leading sports clothing brand in the Netherlands - we conducted a usability study to uncover usability issues on the website.

By doing so, Protest Sportswear identified several usability issues in the checkout. Implementing optimizations for these issues has resulted in a significant improvement in the checkout.

New input for optimizations

Uncovered usability issues led to dozens of optimizations.

More than 15 quick wins

More than 15 quick wins to improve the UX were identified.

Significant improvements in checkout

Improving the checkout flow has led to an increase in conversions.

About the customer

Research goals

Research approach

Usability insights


Protest Sportswear is one of the leading online retail brands when it comes to winter sport and summer clothing. Founded by a group of winter sport enthusiast from the Netherlands in 1993, they have shown rapid growth ever since. Having dominated the European market for over 25 years, they are now focussing on expanding to North America. More to come!

Protest Sportswear was interested in finding out how users within their target audience experience their existing website. This resulted in the following research question: 

How do users experience Protest Sportwear's website on desktop and mobile?

In order to answer this research questions, sub-questions were formulated. Some of these are listed below:

  • What are users' first impression after seeing the homepage?
  • How do users experience searching for and comparing products on our website?
  • How do users experience the checkout process? 


Research method
Given the fact that Protest Sportswear was interested in testing how users experience their existing website, we advised to conduct unmoderated user tests on mobile and desktop devices. 

Based on Protest Sportswear's user personas, ten testers were recruited via our recruitment service. In order to test the UX on both mobile as well as desktop, five testers were invited to do the test on mobile and the remaining five were invited to do the test on desktop. 

Research service
Once the sessions were completed, we used our research service to analyse the sessions. All findings were reported in an extensive UX Report which included UX Advice from our research team. 


Although usability issues were identified across the website, the most critical points for improvements were identified in the checkout flow. 

Usability insight

''I am accepting the General Terms and Conditions. I am trying to click on 'Pay now' but it does not seem to work. Is it me or is the website not doing what it's supposed to be doing?'


In addition to the example above, other issues were identified as well. Based on these issues, Protest Sportwear's team focussed on improving the checkout flow. 

Conducting this usability study had three big benefits for Protest Sportswear:

  • It helped getting a clear overview of all usability issues on the website
  • Setting prioritities for product development was easier as it became clear which issues had the most impact on the user experience
  • The checkout flow has been improved which led to an increase in conversions

All in all, Protest Sportswear is convinced that the first study has had a positive ROI, which means they are now looking to conduct usability studies more frequently moving forward.  

Tom Luijten from Protest Sportswear

"There is huge added value in using User Sense's platform and tester database. User Sense assists in recruiting your target audience and the study has had a positive ROI. We have decided to conduct usability tests more frequently."

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